Circolo Italo Americano Corenese

To Preserve and Promote Our Italian Heritage and Culture

2016 Scholarship Application

Circolo Italo-Americano Corenese

to preserve and promote our Italian heritage and culture

2016 Student Scholarship

Name (first/middle/last): _________________________ Date of Birth: ____________

Address: _______________________________ City: _________________________

State: ___________ Zip Code: _____________ Phone Number: _________________

Describe the school tuition or educational experience/expense to which this scholarship fund would be applied:



Parent/Guardian Name(s): ____________________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature(s): _________________________________________________________________

Your signature(s) indicates consent to permit the sponsors (CIAC) to publicize your selection as a scholarship recipient..

The decision of the selected student recipient(s) of this scholarship will be based on an unbiased and objective committee evaluation of the responses submitted to the following qualifications.  Included in the decision process will be an assessment of the interest and involvement that the applicant demonstrates towards the preservation and promotion of our Italian heritage and culture.

  1. Please complete the above application information in a typed or neatly printed fashion.

  1. Attach a typed resume or summary of activities including any school, community, service, and work experiences.

  1. Attach typed responses to the following set of questions:

  1. Describe a time when you have demonstrated an interest and/or involvement in your Italian-American heritage and culture/community.  Explain how this experience has strengthened your sense of heritage and community.

  2. Identify and explain three aspects of your Italian-American heritage and culture/community that you feel are the most important to preserve and promote for yours and future generations. 

  3. Explain how your future will demonstrate a continued interest and involvement in your Italian-American heritage and culture/community.

  4. Describe an event that you feel would help young adults feel a part of the Italian-American community.

Completed applications and responses are to be submitted/postmarked by September 1, 2016 to:

Circolo Italo-Americano Corenese

c/o Vincenzo Ruggiero 309 High Bluff  Aurora, OH  44202



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